The Orb Zone: Orbs Explained

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  For the first time, presenting actual scientific evidence for the causes of the 'orb' phenomenon








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Explaining the Causes of Orbs
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Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena


ASSAP provided the funding for the Orb Zone research project.

 What are Orbs?

The 'orb zone' theory of orbs is that orbs are out-of-focus airborne particles (e.g. dust). However the technical explanation is fairly complicated.

The explanation is very important, though, as misunderstanding it has lead many paranormal researchers to make mistaken assumptions about orbs.

The purpose of this section is to try to make to make the theory understandable to everyone.


Working through the following sections should explain what an orb is:


Orbs: The Basic Explanation

So what exactly is an orb?

Is there really that much dust around?

What is the 'Orb Zone'?

Why can't dust be seen a few centremetres in front of the lens?

Why can't dust be seen further than a few inches from the lens?

Why is dust so big and out-of-focus between these points?

Why doesn't all dust appear on camera between these points?

Summary: What we know about the 'Orb Zone'


Orbs: More Technical Details Explained

What do you mean, 'orbs aren't actually dust!'

What is Depth of Field?

What affects Depth of Field, and therefore orbs?

Why does Depth of Field mean 35mm cameras capture less orbs?


 Brief History of

 Orb Phenomena


 The Scientific

 Evidence for Orbs 


 Explaining the

 Causes of Orbs


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