The Orb Zone: Orbs Explained

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  For the first time, presenting actual scientific evidence for the causes of the 'orb' phenomenon







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Paranormal Site Investigators

Paranormal Site Investigators


PSI manages the Orb Zone project.  Visit their website for more information.



Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena


ASSAP provided the funding for the Orb Zone research project.

 What are Orbs?

The Explanation section described how photographing dust particles creates orbs on camera.

This section deals with those questions researchers ask every day.  Most researchers believe that orbs are usually natural, but maintain that orbs that are different (appear different, 'act' differently or appear in 'odd' places) might still be paranormal.

This is normally due to an incomplete understanding of the causes of orbs.  This section seeks to answer those common questions.


If you have a question not listed, please email us.  We will try to add new sections as people ask new questions.


Common Questions asked about 'Unusual' Orbs

Why are orbs only photographed in haunted places?

There's an orb on me! What can I do?

My orb is intelligent! So isn't it paranormal?

Why are some orbs different colours?

Why are some orbs different shapes?

What about multiple orbs?

How about orbs with 'tails' or that appear to move?

Why do some orbs look like 'cells' and others 'solid'?

What about orbs photographed without a flash, or in the day?

What about orbs captured with a 35mm camera?

I caught an orb when my room/lens was clean?

I caught an orb which is actually behind something else?

I think there is a face in my orb! Isn't that paranormal?

My orb photographs from some angles, but not others?


Don't forget to email us if there is something we have not considered! We will try to add a new sections as people email us.

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